Who We Are

We're passionate about connecting powerful stories with hungry audiences.

Loveology Films is an emerging film production and distribution/sales representation company in Queensland, Australia.

Born and bred with novels in one hand and VHS tapes in the other, this space is the result of a life-long love for the power of story exemplified on screen.

Loveology was born out of a desire to to journey alongside independent producers in tackling the challenges of an ever-changing sales and distribution landscape with the same spirit that birthed their stories in the first place - tenaciously, ambitiously and with an overwhelming excitement for audiences to resonate with their work, no matter the screen size they’re engaging through. With long-form feature films in development, short films on the international festival circuit and years of navigating the international distribution jungle, there’s no doubt there’ll be more stories to tell as we go.

Danielle Redford

Danielle Redford began working in the international film distribution industry in 2011. Her work in this area encompasses development on feature scripts and business plans, the acquisitions of film content for domestic and international regions, strategic value analysis and the sales of rights to territories worldwide.

She’s active as a producer on short-form content with a slate of long-form projects in the works alongside other filmmaker partners.

Jonathan Redford

Digital Manager/Developer
Jonathan Redford has worked in the film and television industry since 2009 across areas including scheduling, editing, IT, deliverables, system management and functionality. He’s also active in the web development space, developing bespoke solutions across front-end and back-end solutions.

He’s passionate about problem-solving and brings a wide base of technical skills to his daily work in the industry.